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Caring, Honest, and Reputable

Steve has had a LOVE for the stock market ever since a young age. When he was 17 years old he decided he wanted to become a StockBroker. At the age of 20 he placed his first trade 10 shares of AAPL for $90. Few years later those $90 shares turned into $700 each. Steve was Hooked. He decided to go to Business school and focus on getting his MBA in Finance. He accomplished receiving his MBA in Finance from Cal Lutheran University (California).

After graduation, become a StockBroker. he worked at different firms and after about 4 years at firms, he decided he needed to venture off on his own, he learned to trade on his own throughout years of studying the firms resources and independent resources. He has took all that he has learned and created a simple, yet effective system, that includes Mental preparation with Knowledge. Many who know Steve, know his biggest belief is: Knowledge + Understanding + Study = Faith in yourself. If you can accomplish this formula for trading you will accomplish being a successful trader.