Being a successful trader is about using the past to understand the present and prepare for the future. This means looking at the finer details within the larger context. Our strategic tools and strategy at Option Trading With Steve will help you make sense of it all, and help you reach your investment goals. Whether that be longer term trading or Shorter term trading. Changing a career into trading or supplementing it with swing trades. We understand the trading environment and have a successful track record to Prove it.


We believe everyone can be a successful trader, everyone can accomplish their dreams of leaving their jobs and creating a passive income that allows you to work from anywhere. Our mission is to help people believe and establish a strategic and masterful skill that will allow them to make profit in any market conditions. Well improving their individual life. We take a different trading approach than others, we start with the MENTAL aspects of trading and then lead into the technical aspects. We place great value in the quality of our relationship, for this relationship we want to have for a lifetime. That’s why you’ll get the best direction, advice and training from us.


We provide access to a wide selection of trading education and services. Whether it’s making you a excellent trader, or joining our alert/chat group, we look forward to helping you on your path towards a more confident trading future.

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We provide Entry/Exit signals on major Stocks in the market that are Liquid. We will provide the option strike you should buy and price of the option. 

We provide Swing trade alerts and Day Trade alerts in our Equity Alert Chat room.


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Using our Futures Alert services is a great way to stay on top of the markets as the futures are continuously trading. Money here truly Never sleeps, but the real value will come with our precision trading alerts of the top futures. We’ve got extensive knowledge and experience in managing futures. We will provide alerts and explanations on the alerts when alerted.


Professional Trader

Do you want to learn how to trade like the pros? Do you want to be prepared to make calls or puts in any market and gain profits whether the market is going up or down? Then you need to take this course to learn how to trade. Several successful traders are and have been made through this course, just check the testimonies.

Leading The Way In Online Trading Education



We believe that our Best way to teach is showing by doing, that is why we dont only show you the tools to be succesful, but we show you how to use them and provide HW that will help you solidify them and place you on your way to achieving your goals. We’re extremely proud of our entire team and only hope to continue winning awards as best teacher by our students which prove we’re doing our job right. If you’d like more details about this testimonial, please get in touch today.


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